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Vocals - Jake

When Jake is not singing on stage with Swipe Right, you'll find him either taking Snapchats with selfie mode engaged or sinking some frothies. In fact, these qualities can also be witnessed mid-performance at a Swipe Right show.


The charismatic frontman loves nothing more than engaging with a crowd and his vocal ability is only surpassed by his ability to link the band and the crowd to make for one heck of a party.


Jake loves to sing a range of songs, but his favourites certainly include rock legends such as Bon Jovi, Foo Fighters and The Spice Girls. If you wannabe having a good time, you gotta get along and sing a song with Swipe Right's charismatic frontman.

Vocals - Bek

The rose among many thorns, Bek bestows her vocal talents in Swipe Right. With a voice that has to be heard to be believed, Bek simply loves lighting up the stage.


Our strong, charismatic female vocalist controls the stage with her presence and electrifying voice. Bek can do it all, from delivering sweet, soulful tones in hits like Empire State of Mind and Rolling in the Deep, to rocking things up with hits from artists such as Shania Twain and AC/DC.


Her versatility is a true asset to the band, but perhaps her biggest tick comes from putting up with the boys and keeping them in line! Come along and sing along to all of your favourite hits with Bek at the next Swipe Right show.


Keys - Dave

Dave, or DDC, is the brains behind the keys in Swipe Right. Some would describe his role in the band as somewhat of a ringleader, conducting the circus and frivolity from behind eighty-eight black-and-white keys.


From humble beginnings playing “Chopsticks”, he now controls the electro-melodies in Swipe Right. Dave loves to play all of the hits, but has a particular penchant for any songs which allow him to showcase his furiously fast finger skills.


Sadly, the rest of the band are yet to convince him to rock out with a keytar on stage, but with a little bit of crowd support, he may be tempted yet. Be sure to come and say hi to Dave and marvel at his chops on the keyboard.

Drums - Nic

Nic is the engine room of Swipe Right. From behind the drum-kit, he provides the rhythm that is so infectious you can’t help but be drawn to the dance floor.


Solid as a rock and with some serious chops, Nic loves to entertain. Despite the best efforts of the rest of the band to keep him contained at the back of stage, behind the drum-kit, Nic’s enthusiasm and energy on stage permeates throughout the room.


Some of Nic’s favourite songs to play include the intro to Smells Like Teen Spirit, Boats and Ho’s and that bit from In The Air Tonight where the Gorilla from the cadbury ad kicks in with that really cool drum roll. Be sure to lock in to the beat on the dancefloor with Nic at the next Swipe Right performance. 


Bass - Chris

Swipe Right's very own bass superstar, reaps the benefits of a confused personality in which he is a guitarist, singer, dancer, bass player and general rock god, all in one mans body. The Prince reincarnation, and bad influence on Swipe Right's singer, is the glue that holds the Swipe Right entourage together both in rehearsals and on stage.


Chris makes the execution of the most complicated and challenging bass licks appear effortless, something both Flea and Les Claypool would be in awe of.


When on stage, Chris can be found in between Glav and Nic, and working in with Dave from the other side of the stage, to ensure transitions between the verse, chorus and key changes are seamless. In between sets, Chris is known to frequent the bar, making sure Jake always has a frothie in hand.

Guitar - Dave

Dave, or as the Swipe Right crew and those who know him best, "Glav" is probably the nicest guy you've ever met, even if you haven't met him yet.


Glav struts the stage with a graceful aura, quietly going about his business of tearing up the stage and shredding his guitar(s). Whether he is delicately plucking the strings or strumming huge power chords, Dave captivates the audience and demands their attention with killer riffs and licks, emulating the likes of Angus Young, Richie Sambora and Ian Moss to name a few.


Glav's skill and execution, truly elevates Swipe Right into the stratosphere of super stardom on the covers scene. If you see Glav at a gig, say hi and offer to buy him a drink, he'll probably end up buying you one.

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